26 January 2010

My Dream House..**

I think this is every woman's wish list, to be able to decorate her new, superb, big, (exaggerate a bit now..) dream house. You know am a dreamy one, always think that one day I will be able to decorate my own dream house, pick my own furniture and utensils, I even enjoy every trip made to IKEA..=`)
So, why not start now? am gonna share to you what my crib is going to looked like!!


This would be an ideal living room for me. I like the black and white combination, with plants to "green" the room. Of course I will add super slim and big plasma TV with powerful sound system to enjoy DVDs. I would also expect the space to be wider, and put a gorgeous big shelf to store books together with DVDs.



My kitchen will probably look like this, but I will change the color tone to be darker, and I will dish the mosaic tiles on the wall. It will be lovely to have a mini "bar" section too. We will then serve the food at the dining room:


I am pretty sure that I will have a big family so that explain the dining table size. Beside dining at the dining room, I would also fancy dining at a mini terrace garden outside the house!! Wouldn't it be lovely to have a mini garden at home to grow your favorite plants or flowers?? =`)
It would most likely to look like this: 

Can you spot the little garden outside? or it could look like this one too:

There will be the master bedroom, the children's bedroom, the baby's room, the guest's room, but I will only show you the super big master bedroom here, which will be mine and a lovely husband to cuddle at night..(awww..) =p

I love this bedroom, but I hate those awkward coffee table and chairs, so I'm going to get rid of them, and change the other corner to look like this: 

More comfortable coffee table and chairs for the couple to enjoy breakfast in the morning..=`) and gonna change the plasma TV to be bigger of course!! =p
The room will also include a walk-in closet which we will work on the color later on:

and the master bathroom:

I fall in love with this bathroom, it looks so tidy and serene..=`)

That's it!! I have showed you my crib, now let me go to your house!! =p

Let's have a look at my quirky neighbors' houses shall we??

My neighbors chill outside!!!

My neighbor has luxury bathroom!!!

My neighbors sleep under water!!!

My neighbor slides down from second floor!!!


Ailith Blesington said...

I think I love your neighbor's room more than yours. That aside, the person who owns this house is very lucky and admit that I'm jealous of him/her.

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