12 August 2009

love ♥ love ♥ love ♥

chuck love blair

This is the most beautiful scene of Gossip Girl ever, it is the ending of Season 2, where Chuck Bass, a womanizer himself, finally say I Love U too, to Blair Waldorf, who stands by him during his ups and downs.
It took him time, and courage to say those words, and finally admit his feeling for her..
(view the video here)

I understand probably most of us made the same mistake?? Too coward to say out loud I Love You?? Too proud to admit it?? Playin' hard to get?? even though we realize the feeling is true and strong enough for us to face..
Well, it's time to speak up, no matter what the outcomes, it will not always be the happy ending for everyone..
But, since when is LOVE is not happy ending??
So, say it..
To your God..
To your family..
To your friends..
To the people you adore..
To your other half..♥


Shiny Toy Guns : Season of Love

Love... feel love

Every question Every answer too
Ever constant Ever changing few
It's all memory in the sun
Or it's all in the darkness

Maybe it's all around to see
If we try
And maybe it's been inside of me
All this time

Love love love
Love love love
Love love love

Love love love
Love love love
Love love love

Crazy with it Crazier without
Never certain Never full of doubt
Now you feel it Now you don't
Do you know what you're feeling?

Where did it come from
And where does it go?
If it were right in front of me
Would i know?

Love love love
Love love love
Love love love

Love love love
Love love love
Love love love


eCha said...

Aahhh..i'm watching season 2 now..baru ampe episode 2, di pinjemin Tin² ci..hohohoho..
asyik dapat spoiler..xD
♥ the pic..think" FINALLY!!!

g.chan said...

yup..i know right??
he's such <3 <3 <3
U'll love season 2 and crave for season 3!!!

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