29 August 2009

Kite Festival

Today we went to Kite Festival @ Grand Lawn, West Coast Park. It is a free event by NTUC income, Singapore.

It was so crowded, both sky and ground..=D
The event actually starts at 4pm, we arrived at 2.30 and it was already packed. 
At 3.30 pm, there was a free goodies bag give-away..and of course, the Singaporeans luurrvee to queue and luurrvee FREE words..

Inside of the bag are actually looks good..There are 2 kinds of it, the first kind contains mat, paper fan, and mineral water. The second contains towel, paper fan, and mineral water. We got mats to keep for next picnic by the beach!! yeah!! lucky..Singaporeans are so tidy when it comes to queue, and so patient, too. I can't imagine if this event is in Indonesia. =.=. With free stuff some more. =.=.chaos. =.=
At 5 pm, there is another FREE stuff. KITE. Another queue, of course, even toddlers. =D

This is our free kite

It also held many other events..

Face Painting
Capoeira Moves
Balloon Sculpturing

There are some gigantic kites that are flied by Kites Masters from several countries such as Japan, Malaysia and Singapore..

The place is filled with children playing around playgrounds..
Eager Participants...(US)...
If you passed it today, you can still catch the event tomorrow!! Happy kite-flyin!!


eCha said...

Di Indo ada, tapi di Bali..
ga pasti juga biasanya bulan berapa..
i really want to attend festival like this..=D
thanks 4 sharing!

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