03 August 2009


been so free lately, no routines at all, so decided to post more often, I even changed my banner, what do you think bout it?? but this blogger is kinda error in here, I don't understand why, so have to post pics through photobucket instead..
Anyways, pics below are taken from what I found interesting in my daily life here..

This is Milo Dinosaur with cream, available at Jalan Kayu..=D
Confirm cannot find in Medan..=D

milo dinosaur

Had these prata at Jalan Kayu, and it tastes yum!! The shop even open for 24 hours..=D
a comfort idea for hungry insom..=D


Saw this brother takin care of his younger brother outside of a supermarket while mommy shop..

brother love

He opened up a pack of biscuits to keep younger brother from cryin out of bored..what a caring brother, I wish I had one!!

good brother


goincrazixo said...

Nice blog!


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