11 July 2010


Hi there readers..=`)
Sorry for the lack of updates, almost two months eyy??
I guess most of you would have guessed the reason behind my absent ya, coz I've been through some rough time..yes it is, my attempt to live in Singapore has failed as my LPR application has been rejected..Jobs maybe available, companies have tried to apply S passes for me, but resulted in an REJECTION too.
It's kind of a shock for us of course, since my mother is already a Singaporean, but yet..don't understand how the immigration process of the country as they do not give any reason behind the rejection..Bad timing, I guess, they are tighten the number of foreigner as Singaporean themselves needed jobs..Some say it might be easier two years ago, but I say maybe it's just not my luck..
So, life must go on..I am back in Medan, and yes, I made a decision to go back to my previous work place..Some of you may have already judged me eyy?? but hey, I'm being realistic here, I may have to choose comfort over anything but this is what I see myself doing now, after a year wasted of time, energy, my parent's money+concern+worry..I need to do something..something that rest me from this tired mind, which honestly, I never been through a big rejection as this. 
I still feel grateful though. I would never blame this on my God, I still have a super loving Mom who loves me for who I am and always there to back me up, family that fills my day with colors, boyfriend that is super lovely and doting, and friends though few but sincere, you know who you are, thank you..=`))
As I am back in hometown and back to teaching, guess it would not bring any special or big post, but I'll try though, for those who have stick to my blog, this may not be interesting, but still, thank you for sticking around..=`))
I will try to see this as a new life for me and try to live it to the fullest..You guys should too..God bless..=`))

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